Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a logbook to scrap my car?

Yes, In order to prove that you own the vehicle and to scrap the vehicle correctly with the DVLA, however if you have mislaid it you can contact the DVLA for a replacement.

I have lost the keys and I want to scrap my car is it a problem?

Not a problem! – As long as you have the log book and you give us permission to gain entry. Our drivers are well trained and equipped to deal with this kind of problem.s.

How will the DVLA know I have scrapped my car?

We tell them for you! We will complete and return to the DVAL the relevant sections of the V5 registration document. Once the vehicle has been disposed of, the DVLA will send you a destruction notice within 4-6 weeks.

My car does not start or move and I want to scrap it, is this a problem?

Not problem! We have probably removed a lot worse. Sometimes these kind of collections will take a little longer. We have never failed to lift a vehicle yet!

Can I claim back my unused car tax?

Yes, you can visit the DVLA website and download a V14 document.

What do I need to do before and after collection of my scrap car?

You need to clear all personal contents from your vehicle and remove any tax disc that you might wish to claim back.  All we ask is that the vehicle is easily accessible.

Do you collect scrap cars on weekends?

Yes, we appreciate that you might be working during the week so we also pickup late in the evenings during the week aswell.

What areas of the West Midlands do you cover?

We cover the whole of the Midlands for scrap car removal and vehicle recovery, with our main focal point being Birmingham and surrounding areas.

Why should I choose Top Auto Recovery?

We offer a friendly and above all free service and guarantee no nasty surprises weeks down the line. We also collect at the time the vehicle is booked in. Infact we take calls every day from the public who have previously been let down by other companies.

What should I expect when I call or email?

We take your booking and then send your data to our local driver who will then call you to arrange a convenient time.

When are your phone lines open?

6am till Midnight – 7 Days a week.

Do I have to be present on collection?

No, we can make arrangements for you to leave the keys and documents somewhere. We appreciate that sometimes your vehicle may not be in the same location as you.

What Identification do i need to store a vehicle with Top Auto Recovery?

You will just need to prove you either own the vehicle (V5C Logbook) or you have persmission from the owner to act on their behalf.

Are you licenced?

Yes, we are licenced by the environmental agency as a carrier of vehicle waste.

Will you buy my scrap car?

We DO pay cash for some vehicles!

ELV (End Of Life Vehicles) wanted for cash. If you have a scrap car in Birmingham, West Midlands then we will pay you cash to take it away. Depending on the type of vechicle we may even pay upto £250! Call Top Auto Recovery today! 0121 328 9988

At Top Auto Recovery we care about the environment which is why every care is taken when recycling your vehicle. All vehicles are taken to a specialist compound to be recycled. Top Auto Recovery are registered waste carriers with environment agency.

As long as you have your log book, then we will take care of the rest. We complete all necessary paperwork and notify the DVLA. You will a destruction certificate in the post from the DVLA within 4-6 weeks to confirm your vehicle has been disposed of correctly.

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